Cheryl Cohen LICSW, CEAP
Cheryl Cohen and Associates

Cheryl Cohen LICSW, CEAP is the owner of Cheryl Cohen and Associates, a counseling firm that provides therapy, workplace mediation, conflict coaching, critical incident debriefing, and employee assistance program services. She has over thirty years of experience as both a licensed clinical social worker and workplace trainer.

Organizations and individuals hire her to:

  • Provide counseling and consultation services
  • Address workplace issues such as co-worker relations and conflict with managers
  • Provide individual conflict coaching
  • Debrief after a critical incident or trauma in the workplace
  • Train employees in communication, conflict resolution, and a variety of mental health issues

She works with individual adults and couples using a variety of psychotherapy techniques including cognitive therapy, which focuses on identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking, behavior, and emotional responses.

Cheryl has offices in both downtown Seattle and in downtown Bellevue. She is currently accepting new clients.

You can reach Cheryl at 425-454-3209 x 1 or by email at

Bellevue  2105 112th ave NE suite #200 Bellevue 98004   |   Google Maps »
Seattle  509 Olive Way suite #833 Seattle WA 98101   |   Google Maps »